Bunker features and specifications
Nuclear Bunker Specs
All you need to know about our nuclear bunkers. All specifications, features and small details can be found here.
This is our baseline which can be adjusted on request
We use 6 or 8 mm reinforced Q235 steel. Each bunker can easily hold 50 cm of reinforced concrete at 10k PSI
Pressure exhaust valve and NBC (US) air filtration system running on 24 volts
Our prices are starting prices and always without; taxes, shipping, interior and NBC filter
Our bunkers have a blast proof hatch that can be locked, and a secondary blast-proof inner door
Sweden MSB
We follow all MSB bunker design recommendations
Our lighting system is unique. We have a 12 volt system with light temperatures designed for best climate during daylight and at night
We have drinkwater tanks and a water purification system default installed
There more than enough space to store food
Air / water tight
Our bunkers are air and water tight. This requirement is tested and certified with long time smoke tests.
Our default power in the bunker is 24 volts. There at least two 24 volt, 150ah batteries installed.
Power generator
A custom design power generator is default installed in the bunker. It can be run with manual labour and generates 1kw at 24 volts by 60 RPM to charge the batteries and exercise
Our bunker interior design ensures maximum use of available space and yet provide more than enough space to move
The kitchen has 3 gas pits and there are at least 3 gas tanks available for cooking.
There are at least 2 foldable bunk beds installed that fold up to the wall. In larger bunkers there is a couch that can be changed into a 2 person bed
There is a dry toilet default installed in the bunker to make it more independent of power.
Utility hole
Our bunkers have a utility hole which can be used for 110/220v, internet connection or other means of communication
More options
Looking for more?
We design and build, fully customized nuclear bunkers that checks all your requirements and needs. Give us a call and see what endless options we have to offer!