Nuclear Bunker L

Nuclear proof bunker type L (54 m2)
Keeps you and your partner safe during bomb attacks
Nuclear bunker features
Custom designed to fit all your demands
  • Fridge, freezer and heating
    All our bunkers have a fridge/freezer combo running on 24 volts (65L). We have multiple 12 volt heaters installed to create a nice and cozy environment.
  • Water tank
    The nuclear bunker L has 4 inter connected 1000l. water tanks.
  • Bunkbeds
    Our Scandinavian interior design create a unique bunk bed concept. The 2 beds are 2m x 80cm and can be folded up against the wall to create space during daytime. The bunker model L has a fully separate bedroom with a double-bed and living room.
  • Electricity
    Each bunker runs off-grid on 24 volts. The interior lighting runs on 12 volts to have maximum usage. There is manual power generator installed in each nuclear bunker.
  • NBC air filter
    Default setup is a natural airflow. If you don't plan for a war this can be a great option. However, during war, there is an increasing risk of biological and chemical bombs as we have seen before. Then your needs an NBC air filter system. Our Israeli NBC air filter system runs fully on 24v.
  • Kitchen
    Simplistic but yet very effective design with 3 pits running on camping gas. You can cook, every day for at least 8 weeks on 1 gas tank. There are in total 3 gas tanks available in this nuclear bunker.
Check out the 3D model
See how it works?
Are you ready to see our bunker in real life? That is possible! You can come and visit our test-site any time. Give us a call to make an appointment.
Nuclear bunker M technical characteristics
Just like other models

  • 8mm of reinforced steel
  • Blast proof hatch
  • Secondary air and gas tight inner door
  • NBC air filter system
  • Power generator
  • Over-pressure valve
  • Water tanks
  • Cooking area
  • Bedroom
  • Living-room